Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing on Wednesday - Blogging about Blogging

It's Tuesday night, and I just realized that I forgot to write my thingy for Writing on Wednesday. Eeeek! On the other hand, I have been doing a lot of writing lately. Finishing book two in my Animals in Focus series for one thing. Plus another major project. Plus a bunch of blog posts for my little blog tour to help launch Drop Dead on Recall and promote my Drop Dead for Healthy Dogs event to raise money for canine health research.

So rather than try to come up with something new, I thought I would post links here to the interviews, blogs, and reviews that have run in the past couple of weeks. Don't worry - there won't be a test. But you might see something here that sounds interesting, and I'll give you some writing without, you know, writing anything new. Works for me!

And if you're in the Wilmington, NC, are, launch party Thursday evening - Pomegranate Books, 4418 Park Avenue, Wilmington, NC --  910-452-1107. Yay!

And now, some links.

Guest Blog Posts

A Word or Two From Janet MacPhail on Dru's Book Musings

Drop Dead for Healthy Dogs on Buried Under Books

Dogs & Vampires - What? on Darkling Delights


Author Interview with the Australian Shepherd Journal

Tara Interview's Drop Dead on Recall's Leo the Cat on Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries, and More

Author Interview for Book 'Em North Carolina

In the Hot Seat for ROCCO at Cats, Books, and....More Cats!

Interview for The Big Thrill, webzine of the International Thriller Writers' Organization


Dog trainer draws on shows for first novel in the Wilmington Star-News

Review at Lisa Carey's Library

Reader Reviews at

Review in the Autralian Shepherd Journal

That will do for now! Please come back for mysteries and Hawaian quilts on Artsy Fartsy Friday - you'll be glad you did!

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