Monday, May 6, 2013

A little something extra....

"Apart from the fact that Sheila is a really good writer, who pieces together page-turner mysteries about the usual human foibles – greed, lust, revenge – Sheila’s novels are also very down to earth and intimate. And what’s even more remarkable is that human-pet interactions and relationships in her Animals in Focus mysteries are drawn just as richly as the human to human ones. The pets in her stories are every bit full-fledged characters, even though Sheila never gives them actual human characteristics per se. Scooby Doo this is not. It is more a mystery meets a wide-ranging meditation on the human-canine connection. And the human-feline connection. And I think that’s pretty original and amazing."  ~ Victoria Dougherty on Cold

Drop in today for the "teaser" (and scroll back through some of the previous stories in the series), and I hope you'll pop in tomorrow for my story, "Missing Gypsy."

Coming in September!

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