Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life, Writing

Spring 2013 has been a tough one. Between catastrophic human-made and natural events and the venom so many people seem determined to spew at their fellow human beings, it makes me sometimes want to turn it all off, unplug, and wrap myself in earth, sky, sea, and the company of animals. And, of course, the good people who really are out there.

For today, though, I'm making this brief. I'm going off-line. This afternoon I will teach my class on memoir writing, and enjoy the company of a terrific group of people who come together each week to write and discuss. I walk out every week feeling inspired. This morning, I plan to read the copy-edited version of my forthcoming mystery, The Money Bird (more on that at my website). After my class, a walk in the woods or on the beach, whichever my fancy at the moment says is right.

But this is a blog about writing, so I'm going to invite you to read (or reread) my post "Writing What's Difficult: Finding the Balance." It fits into this week's news of devastating storms, and so much other news of the past few weeks. Then do something kind for someone else, and something kind for yourself.

My old Aussie boy Dustin
(Champion Brookridge Dustin U, CD, CGC, TDI)
and his 4-week-old son Taz.
Kindness incarnate.


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