Monday, September 9, 2013

Where In the World is Sheila Blogging Today?

If you follow this blog or my Facebook Page or Website, you already know that The Money Bird, Animals in Focus Mystery #2, is now available. Yay! 

The Money Bird rejoins animal photographer Janet MacPhail, her Australian Shepherd Jay, and her orange tabby Leo, who got their start as amateur sleuths last year in Drop Dead on Recall.  You can learn more about both books on my Mysteries Page. They are both available from your local bookseller and online. If you would like an autographed copy for yourself or to give as a gift, you can order one from Pomegranate Books.

In conjunction with the book launch, I am on a virtual book blog tour through September. Let me lead a round of applause for Lori at Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours for arranging the following visits for me last week (and more to come in the next three weeks!)  At the end of the tour, I'll be giving away three books! Check it out at the blogs list below (click the blog titles - the links are live).

  • September 2 - Shelley's Book Case - interview about my background, my inspiration for this book, and a few other things, plus a short review
  • September 3 - rantin' ravin' and reading - my take on balancing serious issues with fiction meant to entertain, plus a review by Kate Eileen Shannons, who says The Money Bird is "Very, very funny. The Animals in Focus Mystery series is going to be one to follow.  ♥♥♥♥♥"
  • September 4 - A Blue Million Books - interview about the book's title, characters, and more, plus what I'm working on, what I read, and the five real people I'd like with me if I were stuck in a bookstore! You can read the first chaper of The Money Bird, too. 
  • September 5 - Omnimystery - interview about my 50-something protagonist, Janet MacPhail, her Aussie Jay, and her orange tabby Leo, plus my writing process and my advice to aspiring authors. 
  • September 6 - Mochas, Mysteries and More - why I made my protagonist a nature/animal photographer, as well as a review from Melissa, who says, "This is one of my very favorite animal-related cozy series on the market today."

You can keep up with new stops on the tour by following my Facebook Page, Website, and Amazon Author Page. I'll be doing a few other guest posts, too, that are not part of this tour, but little side trips. I hope to see you there! (Comments on the blogs are always welcome!)

My books are available in print & ebook formats from the usual sources. Drop Dead on Recall is available in audio format from, with The Money Bird to follow soon. If you would like a personally autographed copy of any of my mysteries, or my nonfiction book Rescue Matters!, you can order here


  1. An excellent series of interviews, each just enough different to make them all worth reading. Bravo to Lori! (And you, of course.)

    1. Thanks, Linda! And yes, BIG BRAVA to Lori - she does a fantastic job organizing the many strands of a tour like this.