Friday, July 27, 2012

Arsty Fartsy Friday Goes Summery!

Cool Summer Watercolors

Baby, it's HOT outside, and that's true for much of North America right now. Here on the North Carolina coast we've been running mid-90s into the triple digits, with icky sticky humidity to boot. So to cool things off a little, I thought I post some summery watercolors, some of them watery in their own right. Hope you enjoy them!

"Wading In," which I painted several years ago. This little dog has the right idea on a hot day, I'd say! 10 x 14. .

Summer flowers and foliage may not cool us off, but they do lift most people's spirits. "Canna," left, 16 x 20, and "Cadmium and Impatiens" right, 11 x 16.


Mallard drakes seems to get all the attention because of their beautiful emerald heads, but I find the coloring of the hens more complex and beautiful. This is "Just Ducky," 16 x 20.

I hope this little stroll through a summery group of watercolors provided a little heat relief. I think I'll go paint now!

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