Monday, July 30, 2012

What I'm Gonna Do on My Summer Vacation

Dear Reader,

Thank you for coming to my blog, and sorry I missed you. I'm taking a little break from July 30 through the end of August. In the meantime I will rerun some past blogs, so if you're new here, or missed a few, old just might be new again!

I'll be back to blogging beginning September 3, so please I hope you'll mark your calendar, or join me on Facebook ( or Twitter (, where I'll still be posting regularly, and where I will let you know when my blogs resume. You can also see new blog notices on my website at or my amazon author page at my Amazon author page at

I will be posting sporadically about classes I'll be teaching in Wilmington and Indianapolis this summer and fall, and about my upcoming conferences and readings, and the Big Launch for Drop Dead on Recall this fall, so please pop in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! (If you sign up at the right, you'll get email notifications when new posts go up.)

Why am I taking a break? Partly to enjoy the rest of the summer! I will be putting the final touches on the second Animals in Focus mystery, tentatively titled The Money Bird, and will be working on several other projects, including two long narrative essays, one about traveling around the U.S. by train, the other about (surprise!) dogs and the long relationship between our two species as well as some poems and a rather academic project about the lessons we writers (and people in general) can take from the reflexive theoretical school of anthropolgy. Whew!

I'll also be teaching two writing classes through the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC. "Writing Wild" is for young writers from 5th-8th grades, and uses animals for inspiration for writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Fun! The other is for aspiring high-school writers, and focuses on writing to (eventually) be published. For more information, visit Master Classes at the Cameron Art Museum website.  The first class starts July 30 -- that's TODAY! This afternoon, to be precise, from 2-5. Hurry!

So that's the plan. Wishing you all a fun, safe, creative August, and I hope you'll come back in the fall. If you want to reach me in the meantime, please join me on Facebook or email me.



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