Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hop on Over - Spring Brings Renewal to Blogs, Too!

I've just added some new guidelines for potential guests on Write Here, Write Now - check the "Be My Guest" tab above if you're interested in learning more. I welcome authors, writers, editors, publishing professionals, booksellers, writing teachers, reviewers, and potentially others who have something to say about books, short forms, poetry, even some visual art.

I have changed the daily topics as well - fiction on Mondays, nonfiction on Wednesdays, the writing life on Fridays - all loosely defined!

The new schedule begins April 15. If you sign up for email notices, you won't miss a thing!

If you're a reader, I hope you'll find new-to-you writers you want to read, and maybe learn a little about what goes on behind the scenes.

If you're a writer, I hope you will also find new-to-you writers and writing, as well as useful information about craft, process, publishing, know, the writing life. I'll also be posting writing prompts from time to time, so come by for inspiration, too (see below for a jump start).

If you're anyone, I hope you read, learn, occasionally cry. I hope you laugh!


Writing Prompt

Just for fun writing prompt, in keeping with the season:

The eggs are missing! She worked all night painting them and then hopped all over the neighborhood this morning to hide them, but when she went back after her nap, they were gone.

Tell us what happened next, from the Easter Bunny's point of view. (Post your story, poem, a comment if it's short, or post a link to your creation if it's not so short!) Now hop to it!

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